I’ve been a book person for as long as I can remember. Shelves crammed with books are my favourite wallpaper, the characters inside are my best friends, and their stories are my Kryptonite. It was only natural I wanted to be an author and for years, much like Hamilton, I would “write like I was running out of time.”


Then as a teenager — when the internet was still dial-up — I discovered the world of online writing communities and began to dabble in digital art for user profiles. I continued dabbling through university and when I was nearly finished with my undergraduate degree in Professional Writing, I had the realization (finally) that I could perfectly merge my passion for stories AND my hobby in Photoshop and design!


In the years since, I went back to school and graduated from Publishing and Graphic Design programs, I've interned with both publishing houses and literary agencies, and added new best friends and Kryptonite to my overflowing bookshelves. 


Now that I’ve officially combined my passion and hobby into a business, I can't wait to combine my expertise and distinct style with your writing and create a work of art together.



“Why Leaky Studios?”, you may wonder. Well, years ago when I was working nights in a corporate world, a colleague pointed out that if you rearranged the spaces in my name, “Lea Kaplan” becomes “Leak A Plan.” At the time I simultaneously loved and hated it, but it’s stuck with me ever since.


While the colleague always said this meant I should be a private investigator, I always saw another meaning: I leak creativity, individuality, and ideas AND I plan to leave the world a more robust and beautiful place than when I started. 

And so Leaky Studios was born!